September 21, 2010

Buy Touch Phone from the Superlative Brands

Posted in PDA tagged , , at 8:50 am by grace

When the touch phones were first introduced in the markets, what all we had was the iPhone. There was no other option in the market for us to buy touch phone. The features and the accessories we got to know from iPhone was what we knew about. There was nothing else that we could have considered as a touch phone. But wit recent development of technology and this feature has been taken up by many companies. We have the option of having a touch phone even if it is not by apple. With this new development, we can now think that we can buy touch phone, as they are much affordable now.

The various options are mentioned in the article. The touch diamond by HTC is latest in the block. It is quite comparable to the iPhone, as it appears very similar to it. Also, they have managed to get it thinner by almost half. Hence, if you rate as per the appearance, you can bet on the touch diamond. Apart from that the features are also good enough to satisfy you when you buy touch phone PDA.

Another competitor in the list is by Nokia. They have the Xpress Music version in this category. The concept is quite similar to that of iPhone; hence those who really wished for a cheap iPhone can consider this. Like iPod was the base for iPhone, the Nokia is express music 5800 is also made to bring music to the user. It comes along with a camera with resolution of 3.2 megapixels, which makes this phone a great deal to strike. It has the facility for both still and video, Like in every phone. And you would never miss the iPhone once you get to know about the recording time, which is around three hours! Another feature which would make you wish for the Nokia is you can play almost all the formats of songs in your cell phone.

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