September 30, 2010

What’s the New Smart Phone Features all about?

Posted in smart phone, touch phone at 2:46 am by grace

Your Smart Phone is actually a mobile handset proffering advanced capabilities. Often, it would be provided with capabilities like those of medium strength computer at your desktop. It is created at the very convergence point of a modern day PC and an improvised cellular phone. There is, however, no production standard definition for such sort of gadgets. In the opinion of some, it is a cell phone that is devised to run a complete OS (i.e., an Operating System) software package providing a homogenized platform and interface for modern day application developers. For others, it’s simply a cellular phone with many advanced attributes like Internet, e-mail, e-book reader, and programming capabilities. It should also have a built-in keyboard or a peripheral USB keyboard with VGA connector. And the New Smart Phone features must include all these indispensably.

In a different language, the new touch Phone features make it some sort of a minute computer, which would have phoning capability. The first gadget of this kind was designed by IBM the year 1992. That was christened Simon. Next, Nokia came up with its Nokia Communicator in the year 1996. The first cell phone in this category that was sold commercially was the celebrated Ericsson R380. In today’s markets, we have the most advanced ones like the BlackBerry and Nexus One.

It goes without saying that the needs of a modern executive lifestyle cannot be fulfilled by following only the conventional ways. Smart Phone seeks to add new dimensions to your life. For many, it has become a part of life. In the days of fierce market competition, the Smart Phones are really not supposed to remain an exclusive aristocratic product for longer time. The new Smart Phone features allure you all the more.


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