November 8, 2010

Smart phones: New faces of telecommunication

Posted in PDA, smart phone, smartphone at 9:45 am by grace

What happens when you just pick your cell phone out of your pocket or your bag?

There are people who will definitely frown at you. Reason?  Because you are using an outdated cell phone. Suddenly you stand up and decide to go to the market and buy a new avatar of cell phone. This new cell phone I am talking about is smart phone. It is an electronic device which has all the features of a cell phone and a personal computer in it.

In earlier days we used cell phones to call and sending messages. But now time has changed the way of communication. Because the human being is an animal who is never satisfied with the facilities he gets. He always runs for more. And as a result of it a whole new version of cell phone – Smart Phones and PDA Phones.

Smart phones have the latest features of telecommunications. It has all the features of a laptop because it has a QWERTY key Pad in it. With the help of this cell phone you can send and receive emails, brows internet, load applications, listen music, view videos etc. These are few features which every cell phone has is it. There are applications you would just start wondering.

Thanks to the new technology with the help of which you can do all the things you can imagine except touching to the person you are talking. This is the reason the market is booming with these cell phones.

People are very interested with these cell phones because it has very interesting features and applications. Smartphones look like mini laptop and you can use it like that as well. It has a big touch screen. The only thing you have to do is just touch the icon on the screen and it starts working out your command. It is as simple as counting 123. inspite of having advanced features it is very easy to use that’s why people love to have this cell phone. It has mega pixel camera in it so that you will enjoy to your every minute. That’s why people are mad about having smart phones. With the help of these application one is able to work on excel sheet, word documents. As a result you are free from the pressure to be in the office on your working table. That’s why people just love this cell phone.

To get this cell phone the only thing you have to do is –just go to the market or just brows the internet and select a cell phone of your interest.


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