November 17, 2010

How to Stream Blackberry Videos

Posted in BlackBerry at 8:54 am by grace

The all new BlackBerry curve is a phone with a multi-faceted approach and offers the best of the versatile functions like messaging, e-mails, music, capturing images and what not. Yet the streaming of blackberry videos is not an obvious process for the reason that the blackberry curve is not quipped with a pre-loaded streaming application. Hence, the simplest and the most excellent way of streaming blackberry videos would be by downloading a perfect internet browser that helps in streaming those blackberry videos that you want to.

On a general basis, the BlackBerry curve comes quipped with a basic web browser, but actually it is not very user-friendly. Hence, downloading a free internet browser like the Opera Mini would be the best option. The simplest way of downloading the Opera Mini browser would be by logging on to the website of Opera Mini on a PC and then e-mailing its downloading URL to your blackberry. Ensure that you select the right number of the model since a blackberry curve has different models and there are different versions of Opera Mini for every model of blackberry curve.

As soon as you are done with the download of the browser on your blackberry phone, type in the address of the website that hosts the video you want to watch. For example, if the desired video is on YouTube, search for the video and hit on it with the help of the cursor. The browser of opera mini, on an automatic basis, will direct the video to the media player of your blackberry curve phone. The streaming of the blackberry videos would start automatically as many times as you watch them from YouTube or from other websites of videos.

As regards the troubleshooting of the BlackBerry Videos, the choppy videos can be easily troubleshot. Generally, chopping of videos happen due to simple problem of network, since you may not be sitting in an area where the network is very strong. For this, try getting to an area to test whether the network is strong enough out there or not. If it yet does not work, it means there are some service problems with the blackberry videos.

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