November 19, 2010

Description of BlackBerry

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BlackBerry is a smart phone which is fully loaded with latest features. This smart phone is basically designed and developed by the Research In Motion Company since 1996. Prior it was known as Leapfrog however, RIM consulted with lexicon branding company to change the name of this mobile phone. After some time this smart phone got its new name blackberry. In present time some people use nicknames of this mobile because of its unique and rare features such as crackberry. This mobile phone is featured with latest technologies which make it very useful. In present scenario there is hype competition in the market therefore everyone wants to get competitive advantage against their competitor. This smart phone is famous amid all the businessmen and professionals.

This smart phone allows people to stay in touch with their mail account. It means you can send or receive your important mail anywhere anytime. There are many other features available in this mobile which make it complete smart phone. BlackBerry phones function as a PDA (personal digital assistant) with address book, to-do list, and calendar capabilities. It also functions as a portable media player with support of videos playback, music, and camera pictures. The most important ands unique feature of this mobile is it push email capability which makes it very unique in the telecom industry. This feature is basically managed and handled by the RIM servers.

This smart phone has its own operating system and server which make it very unique mobile phone. This smart phone enables people to use their social networking sites anywhere. You can keep in touch with your friends through social networking sites wherever the network coverage is present or through the Wi-Fi connectivity. All the models of blackberry accept the storm series have QWERTY key pad which allows get rid of the thumbing exercise of the people. It means now you do not need to use frequently only your thumbs to type the message or mail. BlackBerry Videos have different kind of formats to play. This smart phone supports 3gp, wmv, mp4 etc. Therefore, some time you need blackberry video converter to convert videos in the supportable format for blackberry.

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