December 16, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of BlackBerry

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When two persons are talking about BlackBerry, we know it’s not the fruit they are talking about. It’s the BlackBerry smart phone. BlackBerry is one of the names that pop up in every buyers mind when he/she thinks to buy a smart phone; BlackBerry was launched in 1999 and was manufactured by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). BlackBerry is basically a business phones and possesses various applications so that users work is accomplished with greater efficiency and less hard work.

What is there in a BlackBerry that differentiates it from the others? Why is it called a smart phone? Well, it reduces a lot of effort and provides comfort to the user; all credit goes to its advanced features. You need not have to carry a laptop or supposed to sit in front of computer when he/she carries BlackBerry with them as BlackBerry provides users with almost all e-mail facility, and that is what BlackBerry’s famous for. The excellent e-mail handling, functionality and multiple applications do not go together in ordinary cell phones; on the other hand, BlackBerry’s fabulous operating system allows us to use multiple applications, without too much loss of functionality all in the same time span. Business tycoons are expected to do multitasking and BlackBerry helps them to do so when BlackBerry was introduced it was just a business phone, but due to changing market and increasing competition BlackBerry has started providing entertainment in their phones like music, games, and BlackBerry Videos, pictures, etc.

Everything about BlackBerry is not so great. It is agreed that they are efficient and user friendly phones, but they come with few drawbacks of their own, when a smart phone comparison comes up is been argued that BlackBerry’s have a smaller screen as compared to other smart phones, which makes reading e-mail and documents a bit difficult, although BlackBerry can run many programs at a particular time, but it might slow down its speed causing BlackBerry to have a problem in steaming videos and music from the internet. It is said things have advantages and drawbacks of their own but seeing RIM’s growth it is assumed that they will overcome these problems.


December 15, 2010

Smart Phones-An Invention in Mobile World

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Smart phones are actually a revolution in the world of mobile phones. It connects us with the world only through a finger touch with it. Smart phones are almost like a computer which can be kept in pocket. Smart phones have powerful processor, abundant memory, and larger screens. There are no such standard definitions of a smart phone. Actually mobile phones with special features than the usual Cell Phones are called Smart phones. Many people were confused with the terms like touch phone and Smart phone. But Smart phones are much more than any touch phones. Due to such advanced qualities the demand for these mobiles has increased very much during the current year. There are two major characteristics of this phone- Advanced Operating System and Smartness. The major mobile phone operating systems are Android, Windows Mobile, IOS etc. These phones are having many applications those can be operated very simply. You don’t have to be very skilled to operate it. The people involved in business work are the most beneficiaries of these types of phones. They can constantly get connected with others through it and receive the required information everywhere they travel. Except the businessmen other people like those are involved with computer applications are also get benefited by smart phones. They can edit documents and can create spreadsheets.

IBM has first invented this phone in 1992 and it came to the market on 1993 in USA. The first smart phone introduced by Nokia was Nokia 9000 introduced in 1996.Sony Erickson then introduced their phone in 1997, GS88 which was the first phone labeled as SMARTPHONE. Almost all the mobile phone companies have introduced their various ranges of Touch Screen Phones like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, LG, Nokia etc. These phones are available from around $70 to $ 200 and more. The most popular smart phones available in the market are iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid, Palm Pre Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Hero.

Smart phones help to send and receive e-mail and edit documents only with a finger touch. Some of these Touch Phones provide the facility to maintain multiple e-mail accounts. The technology related to these phones is getting advanced day by day and the functions are increased within a week or month and even a day. Not only the new generation but older people are getting more and more interested with this new device due to it’s easiness and multiple functions.

December 14, 2010

Let’s know more about blackberry

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When we think of growth of a company, we only see the amount of money it is making. But being a consumer we don’t think about the factors which affect the growth or fall of a company. There are many factors, which come in front of the growth of any company, whether it’s on a large scale or small scale. These factors are said to make an environment of development in a company. They can make or break any company. Some of the forces are competitive forces, legal forces and social forces that make the environment for the company.

Competitive forces as explained by its name are the forces that come into action due to the competition. The more active is your competitor, the more effective you have to be, as the strongest one will always be the winner. Competitive forces are always present in the market. One needs to be continuously productive and innovative to lead in the market. For example, in case of BlackBerry smart phones, verizon wireless is said to be the only strongest competitors. The other important factor is social and economic forces. These are the forces that are influenced by the nation’s GDP and purchasing power of the consumers. Taking the example from cell phone industry, we can see how a simple cell phone which was earlier just used by the riches, is now become an important part of everyone’s life. We can also see how the cell phone which was earlier just used for making & receiving calls, is now working like a mini computer and even a camera. For ex. BlackBerry smart phones are the new era’s cell phone which gives the user the feature to use the internet to send and receive e-mails, to get the BlackBerry Videos to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Now taking the Blackberry example further, we can easily understand how the external force changes the market and thus the future of the company and the product. Before BlackBerry was launched in the market, cell phones were mostly used for making/receiving calls or sms. But with the introduction of BlackBerry, the era of lifestyle cell phones started. These phones have advanced a feature which perfectly blends with our lifestyles.

December 13, 2010

Gaming In Blackberry

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Playing has always been an important part in our life. We all love to play. But with the changing time and needs, the mode of our games also changed. Earlier it was outdoor and indoor games, now it is the virtual games. It started with the video games at home that have come to our mobile phones. But one thing still remains the same, gaming, whether outdoor, indoor or virtual. It definitely energizes us. We love playing games on our cell phones and computer; especially the new generation wants to have the latest and high-tech game in the smart phones.

BlackBerry has a wide range of games installed in it with excellent BlackBerry Videos technology. From a simple and easy Color line game to card games all are available in a very short time. There are hundreds of games available in the market for Blackberry users, and it depends on the user and the kinds of games, he is interested in. Color Line is one of the most famous and easy board games, which are now converted and transferred into BlackBerry’s compatible game. Texas is the game that we all know about. BlackBerry gaming provides us with this game, and it allows us to use 22 players in it, with many options, including 4 different speeds. Those who are very much interested in playing car games now have a reason to smile as BlackBerry provides us with a game called Card Pack Gold; it will provide you with different color card games from Blackjack, Solitaire, and Red Dog to Poker. We all know that almost all business tycoons are interested in playing golf, so here in something in their interest, now they can play golf while sitting in their own office, if you want to enjoy playing realistic golf game in your office you can opt for Par 72 is a realistic 3D golf game in this game you can complete 18 holes, which include, bunkers, points, realistic wind and aerodynamics.

There are many games available in the market and not only this, there are games available for everyone from a small child to a business tycoon, people interested in mind games can opt for blackberry, as it also provides all sots of mind games like the puzzle games and geographical quiz, sudoku. So don’t wait, start uploading your choice of games on your BlackBerry and start Gaming.

December 10, 2010

Blackberry- Smart Phones

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These days when we hear the word “smart phone”-but have you ever thought what actually makes them smart? Well a smart phone is nothing much but a multi utility mobile phone, which is much more advanced than a normal cell phone. Phones like BlackBerry and iPhone are definitely more advanced. They are equipped with a wider range of functions and characteristics such as touch screen, wireless connectivity and synchronization facilities etc. to name a few. Smart phones definitely have better and faster operating system in them which allows them to run productive applications.

BlackBerry smart phones are run with the BlackBerry operating system, while the others run the pam operating system or window mobile. This ability of smart phones makes it much more advanced in comparison with the other cell phones. They are also equipped with the software that allows the user to create and edit documents of M.S.Office. Some BlackBerry smart phones also have software’s which can help you edit photos, get driving direction with the help of GPS or in creating a digital tunes play list. The ability of accessing web is the next most important and mind-blowing feature that smart phone has and this ability of having very high web access is acquired through the 3G data network. But not all smart phones offer the user with high speed with web access. But they definitely provide you with the facility of browsing internet or your favorite website.

But the most important feature of smart phone is its ability of messaging whether BlackBerry or iPhone or Nokia they all provide the user a more advanced and efficient messaging system, BlackBerry also provides us with advanced and excellent BlackBerry Videos, today’s consumer likes to pick smart phone over a regular phone, because of its ability to synchronies with the user’s personal & professional e-mail account. It can work as a portable computer for anyone. These features make this small device smart, but it depends from person to person whether smart phone suits you or not. If yes then which one suits you the best? Just pick your piece and see how it makes your life simpler.

December 9, 2010

The amazing features of Smartphone

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The smartphones are in the market for a long time, but in the form of different gadget. The first ever smartphone was in the form of a digital organizer and it was called as Psion organizer. This device was made up of 8 bit processor with 9 v battery. But this device did not serve the purpose of the common people. The actual mobile phone was developed Nokia which used Symbian technology, later this technology was used by other companies to develop their own smartphones. The market is flooded black berry and Samsung smartphnes.

These smartphones are enabled with windows operating systems, which works like a PDA phone. The PDA Phones are like personal assistant to you, these phones can make you life simple and easy. This phone has a high speed browser which can download all you information in a fraction of seconds, with clear display of documents and pictures. The smartphones are built with advanced high resolution cameras that can capture quality picture. In the olden days people use different gadgets for various purposes.

If a person wants to take a photo, listen to music, shoot a video, he needsto have different devices. But the new revolution of technology has gone too great heights that you can have all these features in a smartphone. One need not shell out more money to buy different gadgets. The smartphones have taken the market by storm; there are many different brands that deal with these kinds of phones. Different brands have smartphones with different application. The latest invention in the world of smartphone is the introduction of aneroid mobile phones, which can perform like a robot. The smartphone usually comes in the form of touch screen models. The salient feature of these mobile phones is that these phones have key pads which work on the technology of soft touch. You need not press the buttons hard, all you need to do is a slight touch of you thumb. These phones are very delicate, should be very careful not to drop the phone down. The smartphone can be considered to be the king of all phones due to its amazing features.

December 8, 2010

Change you lifestyle with the help of a smartphone

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The smartphones always impress you with its stunning features, that click you mind to buy these phones. The smartphones has made a great change in the history of communication. In the ancient period people communicate with each other by sending pigeons and messengers. The technology has taken a dramatic change in the introduction of smartphones that makes you life simple. Now days all the information are got wit the click of a simple button.

One may wonder how these are possible, this is the genius of technology .Every day we come across many gadgets which makes our life comfort, and the smartphone is one among them. When we speak abut the smartphones they are classified in to many types according to the features it has. One can get a basic smartphone to an advanced PDA Phone .The advanced mobile phones has many features like blue tooth, wi fi, edge and dual sim. One can use two network providers at the same time to dial and receive the calls. The Bluetooth is an option which helps a person to exchange pictures and music files form one gadget to another. There are various applications like GPRS which enables a person to locate the places. The latest invention in the smart phones is that, a person can print a document with the help of a printer recognition technology which can print a document from the mobile phone.

These phones are nowadays powered with aneroid software’s that can recognize and read the barcodes. The new and advanced technology of these phones have really shaken the obstacle of in the market. The smartphones has made the millions of people to switch over to these phones. All you have to do is to find the correct application and load it in you phones. There are many websites which can provide you with more details and information’s. You can even order these phones online, one need to pay the shipping cost in case if it is ordered from remote places. The smartphones will taken new features and emerge with new technology in the years to come.

Different types of smart phones

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The smart phones are now-a- days are the very interesting electronic devices which can give a lot advanced features of mobile phones to the people who people cannot only use the mobile phones for talk, but also it can be used for the data sharing, internet accessibility and many more works that they get benefited. The BlackBerry phones are the most advance type of smart phones.
There are many models of blackberry available in the market, these phones have the BlackBerry Videos, email facility, large storage capacity, etc, are the relevant features of these types of cell phones. On the basis of the different features, there are number of models available in the market, one of them is black berry bold 9780.It was launched in the year 2010. It has 2G and 3G network facility. The dimension is much wider than other normal mobile phones and the weight is very less. There are lots of MP3 ringbones available in this phone; it has a large storage capacity that can store unlimited contacts in the phone book. It has 5 mega pixel cameras, which can capture high quality pictures. It has lots of software in build in it like Java, Ms Office and other multimedia software. It can be found in black and in white color.
Another model is blackberry style 9670; it has also same network facility like the previous one. It is a little heavier than the first one and has 360×400 pixel display screen 3.5, mm audio jack 512, MB memory, which can be extended up to 8 GB, standard battery. It is available in steel gray and purple color. The battery can give a long support up to nearly 5 hrs. Another model is the blackberry curve 3G 9330; it has also the same network facility. The phone has a camera which is 2 Mp and the weight is nearly 100 gm, which make it light in weight and people can carry very easily. This model is available in the market in black, red and pink color. There are very few examples of the different models of BlackBerry phones, which are available in the market. People have many options that they can choose from the different models from the models which they like most, which suits with their personality and requirements.

December 6, 2010

Techniques of using smart phones

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Smart phones are very useful in today’s world. There are lots of features available in the smart phones. Black berry is one of the types of smart phones. The blackberry phones have many facilities within it. It has an extendable memory, long battery, capacity of high internet capacity, data sharing, etc. The BlackBerry Videos are the most powerful feature of this mobile. It has a high megapixel camera which can capture the pictures and the videos. There are many companies that manufacturers these types of mobile phone. People like this type of mobile phone now-a-days mostly. The method of using these phones is so easy that one can easily operate this phone. Its main advantage is it can be operated within few second, which save the time. But there are lots of chances are there that the phones may get damaged. The user of the blackberry phones must take care of the device to keep it damage free.
These cell phones mainly used for net surfing. People can download files from the internet, check their mails, send mail, etc. For this, there may be a chance that virus can attack on the software of these phones. This may only be removed by an antivirus. People must check whether the BlackBerry has a good antivirus or not. In some good companies like LG, Nokia, etc. The antivirus is installed at the time of manufacturing. It can help the mobile phones to protect itself from the virus which can be entered in the cell phones during the accessibility in the internet. Sometimes the antivirus which is installed by the manufacturers is not enough for some complicated viruses. Then the user must install some advanced antivirus in his mobile phones. One can protect the cell phone from damage by covering it by some plastic mobile cover.
Also the user must take care of the website visit. The main problem for this it can remove some software from the device also it can change the configuration there. Also the BlackBerry have the facility to visit website by net connection but an increase number of website can damage the software of this mobile phone. So, people need to maintain their cell phones to enjoy the modern invention in their hand.

December 3, 2010

The Best Selling BlackBerry Smart Phones

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BlackBerry is the best selection in the Smart Phone market. Because it is having all the features which a customer requires or wants. It is a very easily handled device and comfortable for eyes also. BlackBerry is a very big brand, and it makes lots of models so that we can choose the very best accordingly. It also comes with different price ranges. In other words, we can say that it is quite sure that definitely there should be one just for us. The Bold 9700 model of BlackBerry phone is a very good looking phone and has very attractive features also. The resolution display of this model is very high. It is more than 65000 colors so that we can have the crystal clear and a bright picture.

We can also record the videos and expand the memories with our BlackBerry phone. By using the network connection, we can access the internet very easily. Especially the 3G connection allows us quick access of the net. The 3.2 megapixel cameras are also available within these mobiles. We are able to have many advantages from such phones, like we can upload the music and play it, record the videos and can watch the same, we can take the still photos also, we are able to view the documents and many more. Such phones have a very high space of memory and use the high capacity RAM also up to 256 MB. We can expand its memory also by using inserting a SD micro Card.

The Strom2 9550 is a very popular Blackberry phone comes with big screen of 3.25 inches. This model also has the display of 65000 colors. It is very user friendly phone because of its ability to easily switching between the applications. In the next generation, it would be the best press technology that will allow us the best typing facilities with accuracy. By using these mobiles, we get more comfortable and accurate typing skills with a tactile feel. The BlackBerry Videos converter is also one of the main features of BlackBerry mobiles.

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