December 2, 2010

Smart phone the new revolution in communication

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The invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell was an amazing moment in the history of man kind; one is able to hear the voice of a person who is sitting thousands of miles away. The ordinary land phones have taken a new look in the form of mobile phones, which in turn has taken the shape of Smartphones. You many be surprised to know what a smartphone is, in the earlier years a ordinary phone and mobile phones were used only for making calls .The emergence of the new revolution in technology has brought smiles on the faces of mankind with the invention of smartphones. The smartphone is the ultimate solution to all you imagination, one can make their life easy and comfortable wit the use of a smartphone.

These phones has resolution screen which makes a person to view the images clearly. The other features like Wi- Fi , Bluetooth and Edge are available in this mobile phone. The other great invention in the mobile phones is the PDA phones which enables a user to access the web. There are many type of browsers one can download to access the net. The young generation is very much behind these phones, they buy these smartphones to browse and fiddle with it more than calling. These smartphones are usually used by corporate people to work wit the office documents.

These smartphones has features like Microsoft word, excel and power point. If you are a person who loves to shoot pictures, the smart phone is the best option available for you. One can click beautiful pictures with the help of high definition camera and also make video albums. These mobile phones are made with touch screen technology, which makes this phone very easy to operate. One need to slightly touch the screen to select the application which ever is needed, some phones even has a stylus. There are many websites which can help you to buy a smartphone , usually these phones comes with preloaded software’s and one can download the other software’s using the browser. The smart phone is a mini memory that you can carry in your pocket.


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