December 8, 2010

Different types of smart phones

Posted in BlackBerry, BlackBerry Videos at 1:32 am by grace

The smart phones are now-a- days are the very interesting electronic devices which can give a lot advanced features of mobile phones to the people who people cannot only use the mobile phones for talk, but also it can be used for the data sharing, internet accessibility and many more works that they get benefited. The BlackBerry phones are the most advance type of smart phones.
There are many models of blackberry available in the market, these phones have the BlackBerry Videos, email facility, large storage capacity, etc, are the relevant features of these types of cell phones. On the basis of the different features, there are number of models available in the market, one of them is black berry bold 9780.It was launched in the year 2010. It has 2G and 3G network facility. The dimension is much wider than other normal mobile phones and the weight is very less. There are lots of MP3 ringbones available in this phone; it has a large storage capacity that can store unlimited contacts in the phone book. It has 5 mega pixel cameras, which can capture high quality pictures. It has lots of software in build in it like Java, Ms Office and other multimedia software. It can be found in black and in white color.
Another model is blackberry style 9670; it has also same network facility like the previous one. It is a little heavier than the first one and has 360×400 pixel display screen 3.5, mm audio jack 512, MB memory, which can be extended up to 8 GB, standard battery. It is available in steel gray and purple color. The battery can give a long support up to nearly 5 hrs. Another model is the blackberry curve 3G 9330; it has also the same network facility. The phone has a camera which is 2 Mp and the weight is nearly 100 gm, which make it light in weight and people can carry very easily. This model is available in the market in black, red and pink color. There are very few examples of the different models of BlackBerry phones, which are available in the market. People have many options that they can choose from the different models from the models which they like most, which suits with their personality and requirements.


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