December 10, 2010

Blackberry- Smart Phones

Posted in BlackBerry, BlackBerry Videos at 1:54 am by grace

These days when we hear the word “smart phone”-but have you ever thought what actually makes them smart? Well a smart phone is nothing much but a multi utility mobile phone, which is much more advanced than a normal cell phone. Phones like BlackBerry and iPhone are definitely more advanced. They are equipped with a wider range of functions and characteristics such as touch screen, wireless connectivity and synchronization facilities etc. to name a few. Smart phones definitely have better and faster operating system in them which allows them to run productive applications.

BlackBerry smart phones are run with the BlackBerry operating system, while the others run the pam operating system or window mobile. This ability of smart phones makes it much more advanced in comparison with the other cell phones. They are also equipped with the software that allows the user to create and edit documents of M.S.Office. Some BlackBerry smart phones also have software’s which can help you edit photos, get driving direction with the help of GPS or in creating a digital tunes play list. The ability of accessing web is the next most important and mind-blowing feature that smart phone has and this ability of having very high web access is acquired through the 3G data network. But not all smart phones offer the user with high speed with web access. But they definitely provide you with the facility of browsing internet or your favorite website.

But the most important feature of smart phone is its ability of messaging whether BlackBerry or iPhone or Nokia they all provide the user a more advanced and efficient messaging system, BlackBerry also provides us with advanced and excellent BlackBerry Videos, today’s consumer likes to pick smart phone over a regular phone, because of its ability to synchronies with the user’s personal & professional e-mail account. It can work as a portable computer for anyone. These features make this small device smart, but it depends from person to person whether smart phone suits you or not. If yes then which one suits you the best? Just pick your piece and see how it makes your life simpler.


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