December 14, 2010

Let’s know more about blackberry

Posted in BlackBerry, BlackBerry Videos at 2:10 am by grace

When we think of growth of a company, we only see the amount of money it is making. But being a consumer we don’t think about the factors which affect the growth or fall of a company. There are many factors, which come in front of the growth of any company, whether it’s on a large scale or small scale. These factors are said to make an environment of development in a company. They can make or break any company. Some of the forces are competitive forces, legal forces and social forces that make the environment for the company.

Competitive forces as explained by its name are the forces that come into action due to the competition. The more active is your competitor, the more effective you have to be, as the strongest one will always be the winner. Competitive forces are always present in the market. One needs to be continuously productive and innovative to lead in the market. For example, in case of BlackBerry smart phones, verizon wireless is said to be the only strongest competitors. The other important factor is social and economic forces. These are the forces that are influenced by the nation’s GDP and purchasing power of the consumers. Taking the example from cell phone industry, we can see how a simple cell phone which was earlier just used by the riches, is now become an important part of everyone’s life. We can also see how the cell phone which was earlier just used for making & receiving calls, is now working like a mini computer and even a camera. For ex. BlackBerry smart phones are the new era’s cell phone which gives the user the feature to use the internet to send and receive e-mails, to get the BlackBerry Videos to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

Now taking the Blackberry example further, we can easily understand how the external force changes the market and thus the future of the company and the product. Before BlackBerry was launched in the market, cell phones were mostly used for making/receiving calls or sms. But with the introduction of BlackBerry, the era of lifestyle cell phones started. These phones have advanced a feature which perfectly blends with our lifestyles.


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