December 15, 2010

Smart Phones-An Invention in Mobile World

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Smart phones are actually a revolution in the world of mobile phones. It connects us with the world only through a finger touch with it. Smart phones are almost like a computer which can be kept in pocket. Smart phones have powerful processor, abundant memory, and larger screens. There are no such standard definitions of a smart phone. Actually mobile phones with special features than the usual Cell Phones are called Smart phones. Many people were confused with the terms like touch phone and Smart phone. But Smart phones are much more than any touch phones. Due to such advanced qualities the demand for these mobiles has increased very much during the current year. There are two major characteristics of this phone- Advanced Operating System and Smartness. The major mobile phone operating systems are Android, Windows Mobile, IOS etc. These phones are having many applications those can be operated very simply. You don’t have to be very skilled to operate it. The people involved in business work are the most beneficiaries of these types of phones. They can constantly get connected with others through it and receive the required information everywhere they travel. Except the businessmen other people like those are involved with computer applications are also get benefited by smart phones. They can edit documents and can create spreadsheets.

IBM has first invented this phone in 1992 and it came to the market on 1993 in USA. The first smart phone introduced by Nokia was Nokia 9000 introduced in 1996.Sony Erickson then introduced their phone in 1997, GS88 which was the first phone labeled as SMARTPHONE. Almost all the mobile phone companies have introduced their various ranges of Touch Screen Phones like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, LG, Nokia etc. These phones are available from around $70 to $ 200 and more. The most popular smart phones available in the market are iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid, Palm Pre Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Hero.

Smart phones help to send and receive e-mail and edit documents only with a finger touch. Some of these Touch Phones provide the facility to maintain multiple e-mail accounts. The technology related to these phones is getting advanced day by day and the functions are increased within a week or month and even a day. Not only the new generation but older people are getting more and more interested with this new device due to it’s easiness and multiple functions.


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