December 16, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of BlackBerry

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When two persons are talking about BlackBerry, we know it’s not the fruit they are talking about. It’s the BlackBerry smart phone. BlackBerry is one of the names that pop up in every buyers mind when he/she thinks to buy a smart phone; BlackBerry was launched in 1999 and was manufactured by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). BlackBerry is basically a business phones and possesses various applications so that users work is accomplished with greater efficiency and less hard work.

What is there in a BlackBerry that differentiates it from the others? Why is it called a smart phone? Well, it reduces a lot of effort and provides comfort to the user; all credit goes to its advanced features. You need not have to carry a laptop or supposed to sit in front of computer when he/she carries BlackBerry with them as BlackBerry provides users with almost all e-mail facility, and that is what BlackBerry’s famous for. The excellent e-mail handling, functionality and multiple applications do not go together in ordinary cell phones; on the other hand, BlackBerry’s fabulous operating system allows us to use multiple applications, without too much loss of functionality all in the same time span. Business tycoons are expected to do multitasking and BlackBerry helps them to do so when BlackBerry was introduced it was just a business phone, but due to changing market and increasing competition BlackBerry has started providing entertainment in their phones like music, games, and BlackBerry Videos, pictures, etc.

Everything about BlackBerry is not so great. It is agreed that they are efficient and user friendly phones, but they come with few drawbacks of their own, when a smart phone comparison comes up is been argued that BlackBerry’s have a smaller screen as compared to other smart phones, which makes reading e-mail and documents a bit difficult, although BlackBerry can run many programs at a particular time, but it might slow down its speed causing BlackBerry to have a problem in steaming videos and music from the internet. It is said things have advantages and drawbacks of their own but seeing RIM’s growth it is assumed that they will overcome these problems.


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