December 9, 2009

Smart phones aid nurses in countryside areas

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In the countryside area of Wales, nurses are entitled to smart phones so as to improve the healthcare services available in this region. By giving these phones to the nurses, workload can thus be reduced and cut down tremendously. Instead of using physical files documents to organize the work in this healthcare centre, nurses use the smart phones given to faster categories their work. This saves time and produces efficiency in the workplace.

By using such phones, nurses can easily plan their daily routines of visiting the patients in the health centre, using the organizer that is found within each of such phones. This is a great step for Wales to progress on technologically and to keep up with times. The use of these top smart phones can enable the nurses to plan wisely and carefully of patients’ priority to meet the doctors. Not only has that, these phones also helped the nurses to input the latest data and information of the patients, so that they can be constantly updated of information regarding these patients.

If a patient needs to conduct a test such as diabetes test, the nurses can make use of these phones to update the test information into the patient’s data. This information will also be conveniently available to the next nurse who is in on duty for the next period of time. Thus, the use of the smart phone by nurses definitely brings convenience to them and also increases their work efficiency.

The advantages of these phones can be extensive and wide range. These technological devices make use of the latest features and applications, and bring benefits to the users. The use of such phones does not necessarily apply to businessmen but can also be applied by the nurses in countryside area. Such best touch phones are really great inventions.


November 12, 2009

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 –Perfect Combination of Function and Fashion

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One year ago today, we reviewed briefly the BlackBerry Bold 9000. As the prototype, the BlackBerry Bold was RIM’s latest generation of smartphones and it was really a beauty. The Black and Chrome look was something new and stylish. Under the hood it was packing more power, memory, and the ability to do voice and data at the same time. There was 3G, WiFi and GPS all in the same package. Such a marvelous smart phone was the BlackBerry Bold.

Today RIM has expanded on the design with the Storm, now Storm 2, Tour, Curve 8900, and now Bold 2. The BlackBerry 9700 brings function to fashion. The BlackBerry Bold is really fashionable; we couldn’t have put it on G style if it wasn’t; By looking at The Storm and Curve 8900 it seems as though the trend is slimmer and sleeker.

Enter the Bold 2. All the under the hood power, more memory (256MB compared to 128), better camera (3.2MP compare to 2.0), better OS (OS 5.0), the triple threat of 3G/WiFi/GPS, and now a leaner/sexier frame. The BlackBerry 9700 went back to the gym hard and came out trim and healthy. It shed the pounds and now takes firm of its title as the BEST Blackberry of the line!

Considering the best elements of all its siblings, the BlackBerry 9700 looks like a mix of the Curve 8900, Tour, Bold, and Curve 8520. The new trackpad has replaced the trackball. This happened to be my only gripe with the Bold. As your Blackberry is only as good as the functioning trackball in it. The body is smaller than the Bold. Though having the same buttons as the Bold, the keyboard is packaged in a smaller layout than the Bold. The screen has a higher resolution (480×360 like the Curve 8900) and it was packed into a smaller space. So, it is definitely smaller than the Bold. The picture will look sharper.

Overall, this phone is fantasy. The Blackberry Bold is the first choice of the Blackberry devices. It is the flagship of the line! The Bold 2 maintains that flagship status and now in a more fashionable package!