December 16, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of BlackBerry

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When two persons are talking about BlackBerry, we know it’s not the fruit they are talking about. It’s the BlackBerry smart phone. BlackBerry is one of the names that pop up in every buyers mind when he/she thinks to buy a smart phone; BlackBerry was launched in 1999 and was manufactured by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM). BlackBerry is basically a business phones and possesses various applications so that users work is accomplished with greater efficiency and less hard work.

What is there in a BlackBerry that differentiates it from the others? Why is it called a smart phone? Well, it reduces a lot of effort and provides comfort to the user; all credit goes to its advanced features. You need not have to carry a laptop or supposed to sit in front of computer when he/she carries BlackBerry with them as BlackBerry provides users with almost all e-mail facility, and that is what BlackBerry’s famous for. The excellent e-mail handling, functionality and multiple applications do not go together in ordinary cell phones; on the other hand, BlackBerry’s fabulous operating system allows us to use multiple applications, without too much loss of functionality all in the same time span. Business tycoons are expected to do multitasking and BlackBerry helps them to do so when BlackBerry was introduced it was just a business phone, but due to changing market and increasing competition BlackBerry has started providing entertainment in their phones like music, games, and BlackBerry Videos, pictures, etc.

Everything about BlackBerry is not so great. It is agreed that they are efficient and user friendly phones, but they come with few drawbacks of their own, when a smart phone comparison comes up is been argued that BlackBerry’s have a smaller screen as compared to other smart phones, which makes reading e-mail and documents a bit difficult, although BlackBerry can run many programs at a particular time, but it might slow down its speed causing BlackBerry to have a problem in steaming videos and music from the internet. It is said things have advantages and drawbacks of their own but seeing RIM’s growth it is assumed that they will overcome these problems.


December 15, 2010

Smart Phones-An Invention in Mobile World

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Smart phones are actually a revolution in the world of mobile phones. It connects us with the world only through a finger touch with it. Smart phones are almost like a computer which can be kept in pocket. Smart phones have powerful processor, abundant memory, and larger screens. There are no such standard definitions of a smart phone. Actually mobile phones with special features than the usual Cell Phones are called Smart phones. Many people were confused with the terms like touch phone and Smart phone. But Smart phones are much more than any touch phones. Due to such advanced qualities the demand for these mobiles has increased very much during the current year. There are two major characteristics of this phone- Advanced Operating System and Smartness. The major mobile phone operating systems are Android, Windows Mobile, IOS etc. These phones are having many applications those can be operated very simply. You don’t have to be very skilled to operate it. The people involved in business work are the most beneficiaries of these types of phones. They can constantly get connected with others through it and receive the required information everywhere they travel. Except the businessmen other people like those are involved with computer applications are also get benefited by smart phones. They can edit documents and can create spreadsheets.

IBM has first invented this phone in 1992 and it came to the market on 1993 in USA. The first smart phone introduced by Nokia was Nokia 9000 introduced in 1996.Sony Erickson then introduced their phone in 1997, GS88 which was the first phone labeled as SMARTPHONE. Almost all the mobile phone companies have introduced their various ranges of Touch Screen Phones like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Sony, LG, Nokia etc. These phones are available from around $70 to $ 200 and more. The most popular smart phones available in the market are iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid, Palm Pre Blackberry Bold 9700, HTC Hero.

Smart phones help to send and receive e-mail and edit documents only with a finger touch. Some of these Touch Phones provide the facility to maintain multiple e-mail accounts. The technology related to these phones is getting advanced day by day and the functions are increased within a week or month and even a day. Not only the new generation but older people are getting more and more interested with this new device due to it’s easiness and multiple functions.

December 9, 2010

The amazing features of Smartphone

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The smartphones are in the market for a long time, but in the form of different gadget. The first ever smartphone was in the form of a digital organizer and it was called as Psion organizer. This device was made up of 8 bit processor with 9 v battery. But this device did not serve the purpose of the common people. The actual mobile phone was developed Nokia which used Symbian technology, later this technology was used by other companies to develop their own smartphones. The market is flooded black berry and Samsung smartphnes.

These smartphones are enabled with windows operating systems, which works like a PDA phone. The PDA Phones are like personal assistant to you, these phones can make you life simple and easy. This phone has a high speed browser which can download all you information in a fraction of seconds, with clear display of documents and pictures. The smartphones are built with advanced high resolution cameras that can capture quality picture. In the olden days people use different gadgets for various purposes.

If a person wants to take a photo, listen to music, shoot a video, he needsto have different devices. But the new revolution of technology has gone too great heights that you can have all these features in a smartphone. One need not shell out more money to buy different gadgets. The smartphones have taken the market by storm; there are many different brands that deal with these kinds of phones. Different brands have smartphones with different application. The latest invention in the world of smartphone is the introduction of aneroid mobile phones, which can perform like a robot. The smartphone usually comes in the form of touch screen models. The salient feature of these mobile phones is that these phones have key pads which work on the technology of soft touch. You need not press the buttons hard, all you need to do is a slight touch of you thumb. These phones are very delicate, should be very careful not to drop the phone down. The smartphone can be considered to be the king of all phones due to its amazing features.

December 8, 2010

Change you lifestyle with the help of a smartphone

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The smartphones always impress you with its stunning features, that click you mind to buy these phones. The smartphones has made a great change in the history of communication. In the ancient period people communicate with each other by sending pigeons and messengers. The technology has taken a dramatic change in the introduction of smartphones that makes you life simple. Now days all the information are got wit the click of a simple button.

One may wonder how these are possible, this is the genius of technology .Every day we come across many gadgets which makes our life comfort, and the smartphone is one among them. When we speak abut the smartphones they are classified in to many types according to the features it has. One can get a basic smartphone to an advanced PDA Phone .The advanced mobile phones has many features like blue tooth, wi fi, edge and dual sim. One can use two network providers at the same time to dial and receive the calls. The Bluetooth is an option which helps a person to exchange pictures and music files form one gadget to another. There are various applications like GPRS which enables a person to locate the places. The latest invention in the smart phones is that, a person can print a document with the help of a printer recognition technology which can print a document from the mobile phone.

These phones are nowadays powered with aneroid software’s that can recognize and read the barcodes. The new and advanced technology of these phones have really shaken the obstacle of in the market. The smartphones has made the millions of people to switch over to these phones. All you have to do is to find the correct application and load it in you phones. There are many websites which can provide you with more details and information’s. You can even order these phones online, one need to pay the shipping cost in case if it is ordered from remote places. The smartphones will taken new features and emerge with new technology in the years to come.

December 2, 2010

Smart phone the new revolution in communication

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The invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell was an amazing moment in the history of man kind; one is able to hear the voice of a person who is sitting thousands of miles away. The ordinary land phones have taken a new look in the form of mobile phones, which in turn has taken the shape of Smartphones. You many be surprised to know what a smartphone is, in the earlier years a ordinary phone and mobile phones were used only for making calls .The emergence of the new revolution in technology has brought smiles on the faces of mankind with the invention of smartphones. The smartphone is the ultimate solution to all you imagination, one can make their life easy and comfortable wit the use of a smartphone.

These phones has resolution screen which makes a person to view the images clearly. The other features like Wi- Fi , Bluetooth and Edge are available in this mobile phone. The other great invention in the mobile phones is the PDA phones which enables a user to access the web. There are many type of browsers one can download to access the net. The young generation is very much behind these phones, they buy these smartphones to browse and fiddle with it more than calling. These smartphones are usually used by corporate people to work wit the office documents.

These smartphones has features like Microsoft word, excel and power point. If you are a person who loves to shoot pictures, the smart phone is the best option available for you. One can click beautiful pictures with the help of high definition camera and also make video albums. These mobile phones are made with touch screen technology, which makes this phone very easy to operate. One need to slightly touch the screen to select the application which ever is needed, some phones even has a stylus. There are many websites which can help you to buy a smartphone , usually these phones comes with preloaded software’s and one can download the other software’s using the browser. The smart phone is a mini memory that you can carry in your pocket.

December 1, 2010

The benefits of a smart phone in you life

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The Smartphones play a significant role in our day to day lives, by making our lives easier and faster. These smart phones are the latest invention using the latest technology, which can make us wonder if this is real. These phones are embedded with various application that one use for various tasks. When you decide to buy a smart phone, the first thing you need to ask is how this phone is going to help you. The smart phones are available in different models which one can choose according to his affordability. In the previous years the mobile phones were used only to dial and receive the calls, these mobile phones have taken a new shape, and these phones have become smart phones. These phones are also known as PDA Phones, which supports internet.

One can use his mobile phone just like a mini laptop, and browse al the websites. One can even sit at home and complete this entire office job with the help of smart phone. These phones have Microsoft Windows supporting software’s that can access the data faster than an ordinary computer. The other features one can enjoy are Bluetooth, media player, camera, and GPRS applications. The GPRS is a very unique application which is built in the Smart Phones which helps a person to locate the places. One can trace a lost person using the GPRS applications.

The first PDA phone was lauched by Nokia which has 3.5 inch TFT screen with 32 GB memory card. These mobile phones support dual simcards and made with 3G technology, one can even chat with a person with the help of video calls. The smartphones have taken a new revolution in the year 2010, with the introduction of aneroid soft ware which is embedded in these smartphones, these software’s are usually used in the robots. One can say that these phones are like mini robots in our pocket. One can even convert any language into other language. The Samsung Wave is the best example of a smart phone which has all the above features.

November 30, 2010

BlackBerry the Best Smart Phone

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Now days the needs of the customers are not limited to the basic things, but they want more for fulfilling their requirements and interests. That’s why in the Telecom industry also the technology is developing very fast. Smart Phone is a result of this development. BlackBerry is a very popular brand in Smart Phones. It is a very gorgeous phone in the market. These phones have come with the excellent finishing and design. It uses the cutting edge phone technology. Carrying the BlackBerry phone is just like we are walking with the mini computer within our pocket and is made to run as modern PCs do.

When someone is intending to buy these modern BlackBerry phones, obviously he/she will try for the best possible deal with BlackBerry Phones. As every person’s needs and funds availabilities are different, so they should have to choose for the phone accordingly. They can look through the available models in the market and can compare which model is fulfilling their needs and savings the money also. So many models of BlackBerry phones are there in the market these days, so one can compare them, as they want. 

Now days we have the availability of numerous deals of such phones in the market, the BlackBerry phones are also come with the very high quality videos and the video converters. As these phones have the high quality resolutions, we can have the very clear pictures. In some other multimedia phones, we are unable to access the videos which is not supporting in the same. But in BlackBerry phones it comes with the video converter. So by using these BlackBerry Videos mobile phones we can have the ability to converter the video format to the available format within the phone. Thus we can run any type of videos with any format by converting it. It can be easily converted the MOV, AVI, RM, WMV, MPEG, MP4 and VOB formats to the phone supported formats MP4, WMV and 3GP, etc. These phones have also the facilities to convert some of the Audio format to the phone supported formats.

November 19, 2010

Description of BlackBerry

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BlackBerry is a smart phone which is fully loaded with latest features. This smart phone is basically designed and developed by the Research In Motion Company since 1996. Prior it was known as Leapfrog however, RIM consulted with lexicon branding company to change the name of this mobile phone. After some time this smart phone got its new name blackberry. In present time some people use nicknames of this mobile because of its unique and rare features such as crackberry. This mobile phone is featured with latest technologies which make it very useful. In present scenario there is hype competition in the market therefore everyone wants to get competitive advantage against their competitor. This smart phone is famous amid all the businessmen and professionals.

This smart phone allows people to stay in touch with their mail account. It means you can send or receive your important mail anywhere anytime. There are many other features available in this mobile which make it complete smart phone. BlackBerry phones function as a PDA (personal digital assistant) with address book, to-do list, and calendar capabilities. It also functions as a portable media player with support of videos playback, music, and camera pictures. The most important ands unique feature of this mobile is it push email capability which makes it very unique in the telecom industry. This feature is basically managed and handled by the RIM servers.

This smart phone has its own operating system and server which make it very unique mobile phone. This smart phone enables people to use their social networking sites anywhere. You can keep in touch with your friends through social networking sites wherever the network coverage is present or through the Wi-Fi connectivity. All the models of blackberry accept the storm series have QWERTY key pad which allows get rid of the thumbing exercise of the people. It means now you do not need to use frequently only your thumbs to type the message or mail. BlackBerry Videos have different kind of formats to play. This smart phone supports 3gp, wmv, mp4 etc. Therefore, some time you need blackberry video converter to convert videos in the supportable format for blackberry.

October 30, 2010

Latest Smartphones Features

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If you want to get a smartphone loaded with amazing applications Apple iphones are the best. They come with Cell Phone features that include MP3 player, digital camera, smart movie, Bluetooth device and infrared. The MP3 player sound is digital and stereophonic. This digital gadget is loaded with sophisticated features. It is an innovation among the new generation phones. It comprises of personalized digital capabilities. Internet access is much easier and browsing speed hardly matters. The VBluetooth device of this phone is quite specialized and enables soft data transfer at a reasonable speed.

The MP3 player of smartphones has various file support formats. It also has an in-built equalizer which lets you enjoy your track as you like. The latest smart phones features in the Apple iphone facilitate to play your track with loud base or treble. It has different music modes like rock, pop, jazz and classic. It also enables you to set your own equalizer. You get all the features of a modern phone. The 3.0 mega pixel camera gives clear and sharp pictures. Video recording can be done up to 3hours and saved for your memories. The large screen supports video calling. You can attach pictures to your contacts as fun.

Smartphones support movie player. You can upload your phone with movies and enjoy them during travel. The long battery backup supports this feature for long play. The phone supports memory extension up to 8GB. This will help to save two to three movies at a time. Many phones do not support Bluetooth and infrared both features in a single phone. But, smartphones has made this possible. It is a fully loaded phone which gives you the choice to work with different applications. Gaming can be done as it supports 3D games and various applications like the currency converter, world time and much more.

October 8, 2010

Celebrations with PDA Smart Phone Apps

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The digital assistant for your personal use, popularly known as the PDA, is actually a mobile piece of equipment, best described as a computer at your palmtop. PDAs are utilized to systematize a person’s living by holding contacts, taking notes, and connecting across the Internet. Advanced PDAs, often in the form of Smart Phones, usually have audio capabilities, touchscreen technology, and vivid color screens. Now when something would work like a computer, it would require software. Apart from the system software, the most crucial ones are the application software. These are popularly known as the apps. So, the PDA Smart Phone add functionality and versatility to your intelligent mobile phone. An app may be a specialized web browser, portable media players, or software driver making mobile computing easy.

Doubtless, the most secure, economic, and versatile apps you get are from the reputed companies. Apple provides similar apps via its website to add more functionality and versatility to the iPhones and iPods. Nexus One is powered by the almighty Google. Microsoft would also provide you with similar apps for mobile compatible system software of Windows. Besides, there are open source PDA Smart Phone apps too, which can provide more pleasure to an adventurous application developer.

Normally, one must avoid the alluring free downloads, which she or he comes across the Internet. You must also install anti-virus software and firewalls to protect your Smart Phone. PDA Smart Phone apps from secure sources enhance your PDA’s access over the intranets, extranets, and finally, the Internet. Your access through Wi-Fi and WWANs should be fast and secure geared with speedy data transmission. Additionally, a careful selection of apps would give you a pleasant audio-visual experience in the world of Smart Phones’ virtual world.

BlackBerry—the Smartphone and touch phone to help you.

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