November 30, 2010

Unlocking the BlackBerry Smart Phones

Posted in BlackBerry, BlackBerry Videos at 4:42 am by grace

Undoubtedly the BlackBerry mobile phones are the very popular and a best selling cell phone in the Smart Phone market among the other. Whenever we are talking about the Smart Phones quickly the BlackBerry phones are recalled in our mind. It shows that how popular it is. The persons who are very familiar with the technologies understand how convenient the BlackBerry phones are to do the applications. You will be little wonder when you will see the different variants of BlackBerry Phones like the Curve, the Bold and the pearl etc. And then you will realize why it is so popular.

Nevertheless some users would know about their devices that actually it is locked. Thus they are restricted to some extent for the full utilization of the same. As these BlackBerry phones keeps some amazing features within it. Everyone who possess such phones will desire for full utilization of all the features of it. We can be able to take full advantages of these features by unlocking our BlackBerry Phones. It has a BlackBerry code to unlock and something is accomplished with the same.

But many users may not know that their mobile phones are in the lock mode. Even very few people are aware of the unlocking process of their BlackBerry Videos, and thus they are unable to utilize the full advantages. However, in reality, it is not a very hard process to unlock these phones. For doing this first we have to obtain the unlock code MEP. These codes are available on the internet and can buy from there only. There are several websites that sell such codes. So if you are looking for MEP code, you can search for it in the internet and can also purchase it from there only. Once you got this code just navigate OPTIONS tab and click on DEVICE. Now click on SYSTEM SETTINGS (ADVANCED) and select SIM card. Then type the MEP code, again type it with ALT button and then type 2. Now your mobile will ask “ENTER NETWORK MEP CODE” and enjoy the features like BlackBerry Videos, etc.


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